My work chronicles the computer screen as a new way of seeing. Pixels are the building blocks of today‚Äôs images just like graphite; paint and ink have been in the past. The natural environment of the pixel is on a computer screen, so by adding them to my drawings and paintings, a place where they are not endemic, I am referencing their pervasiveness in our tech-driven lives. A lot of my work is also visually confusing in order to capture the aesthetic of a particularly busy webpage.
   The figures I use are touched by technology. They are enthralled by it, and have scars to go with it; the most prevalent of which are baggy eyes and blank stares. I explore emotions created by the digital age; the dazed look of one looking up from an iPhone screen, the shock of having headphones ripped from your ears, or the deadpan stare of one who has spent the last seven hours playing a video game. My figures are connected to their technology, it has become a part of their body, it is a part of their nature, and often times more real than reality.
  The digital age has changed the way we see and interact with the world around us. My art notices and responds to this change, not as something that is good or bad, but as something that just IS.